It was another hot day for part Two of the Summer Series. There was a steady easterly that built during the day. It was looking if it was going to be a poor turnout but in the end there was a rush of arrivals just after 12:00. Terry Helm was OOD and was out having a sail before things started as he wasn’t sailing in the competition due to missing the first round. It was good to see Louise Meltzer back at the track although only helping out with the flags as still recovering from her broken foot. As usual Terry had things sorted early with a course laid out and racing was underway by 1:00. With the lighter winds to start and looking to build later Terry had set up two courses. A short course to get some rounds in quickly and then a longer course for later. The sort course were four lap races and was like a sprint track with lots of work to keep your speed up.

For the racing production and performance were split. Production got under way first and Matthew Denton was straight into his stride taking out the first three short courses, John sell had double bad luck taken out of two races with blown tyres. One went off like a shot gun echoing off the hanger doors. John Guard was having a blinder leading one of the races only to have Matthew come flying pass just before the finish line.
John Sell was always very competitive and often swapping the lead with Matthew Denton. He had the legs on Matthew and managed to hold out and take the three long course races. Frank was also sailing well in the later races and was often up in the lead group. Bernie and John Guard were often seen battling it out around the course. Les Bearman was consistent with some mid pack finishes.

Performance was just as competitive and the short course was a real sprint. Michael Denton jumped out to a big lead putting almost half a lap in the first race. The second race was very congested at the loop back mark and Chris Gant got caught up in a wall of karts coming back down at him. Bob Jelley was sailing well and took a few wins. Ivan Purtle had some great starts and jumped out to a lead but couldn’t manage to hold on for a win but got some top 3 finishes. Most where on 5.5m sails but Paul Talarico was on his 4m and later in the day on the long course when the wind had built he was fast and up at the front in most of the races with some good finishes.