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Are you itching to give blokart sailing a go and want to find out more about the Canterbury Blokart Club Inc. and blokart sailing, perhaps you already have a blokart and want to know where you can sail it … don’t itch any longer, find out more now by contacting Canterbury Blokart Club via email. Membership application form for Canterbury Blokart Club Inc. and Blokart Association Inc. Canterbury membership form.

The CBC has club blokarts available for you to try out this exhilarating sport.  A helmet and gloves are provided too along with friendly and helpful advice on how to get moving confidently and safely.  We take a donation of $25.00 for half an hour – but if you just want a quick tryout (10 minutes) we don’t charge a penny. And where do we mostly sail … on the apron and taxiway of the former Wigram Air Force Base adjacent to the Air Force Museum of New Zealand. Check out the venue location here.

How about a gift voucher for a family member or friend?   Go solo, or with you at the helm sail with an instructor in a double kart, or sit back, relax and ‘be sailed’.  The choice is yours.  Half an hour of sailing for only $25.00.  Enquire here

Join the CBC Inc. To receive up to date information on club matters, and on Sundays, weather conditions at Wigram, or contact on Terry on 021 242 4181 or email to join the CBC Inc. text messaging system.

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