Recent Videos

Videos of Blokarting events and weekly racing at our Wigram track.

Velocity Track Racing

Canterbury Blokart Club Performance karts having a fun days racing at the Velocity Track with lots of sideways action.

The Production Boys blasting around the Velocity Track on Sunday. Lots of close racing to be had.

Monday Funday...

No better way to enjoy a relaxing Labour Day than a blast on the beach. A few Canterbury Club Members had some fun down by Sumner.

New Zealand Open 2017

Racing over the 4 days at the NZO 2017 on the Canterbury Wigram Track. Performance Heavy.

Production fleet racing at the NZ Open 2017 over the 4 days at the Wigram circuit in Canterbury.

The Brass Monkey 2017

Inaugural Brass Monkey Event at Wigram in cold conditions and light winds but lots of fun.

North Island Open 2017

Action from the racing at the NIO on the Sanson track at the Manawatu

Performance Middle Weight action at the North Island Open on the Sanson track.

Club Racing at Wigram 2017

Saturday Racing on the Wigram track in strong South West winds with exciting gusts at the top mark and speeds up to 70kph.
Filmed by Mitchell and Michael Denton

Racing on a short course in the autumn winds with a tight and technical layout at Wigram.
Filmed by Michael Denton.

Sunday Racing at the Canterbury Blokart Club on the Wigram Circuit.

Canterbury Blokart Summer Handicap Series 2017

Canterbury Blokart Club Summer Handicap Series held across two weekends at Wigram, Christchurch.

Masters Games 2017

Racing at the Masters Games 2017 on the Ohakea track in Sanson.

Australian Open 2017

Racing on the Kingston Beach at the Australian Open 2017.

Setup and racing at the Aussie open in Kingston.

Racing in the Performance Heavy Weight division at the Australian Open 2017

Production Light and Heavy Weight divisions at the Australian Open 2017.

Club Racing at Wigram 2016 & 2017

Summer Sailing with the Norwest winds giving gusting high speed runs at the Canterbury Wigram track.

Last Club run of the year 2016 in good Norwest winds giving speeds of 65kph plus.
Fast sideways action on the grass.

Canterbury Blokart Christmas 2016

The Canterbury Blokart Club enjoys its Prize Giving and Christmas party including Segway Racing for a little fun.

Canterbury Blokart Club Champs 2016

Racing at the Wigram Circuit in a range of light to strong and gusty winds over 4 weekends for the Canterbury Championships.

South Island Open 2016

Fantastic weekend of racing at the NZ SIO 2016 at Wigram in Christchurch. Five divisions racing in a range of winds from strong to light over the weekend.
Filmed by Mitchell and Michael Denton.

Club Racing at Wigram 2016

Sunday Blokart racing in a gusty Easterly. Holding the karts down was the challenge of the day. Some fast close racing.

New Zealand Open 2016

Blokart New Zealand Open 2016 at Ardmore Airport Auckland. light winds and wet weather made for a challenging few days.

Performance Lights racing in the NZO at Ardmore Airport.

North Island Open 2016

Blokart Racing at the North Island Open 2016 on the Papamoa track at Blokart Heaven. Racing was tight and close in a range of weather conditions over two days.
Video by Michael Denton.

Production Blokart Racing at the North Island Open in a range of weather conditions at the Blokart Heaven Track in Papamoa the home of the Blokart.
Video by Michael Denton.

World Championships 2016

2016 Blokart World and North American Championships in Las Vegas on the Dry and Not so Dry lakes at Ivanpah. Down time activities and the Vegas night life……
Video filmed by Michael Denton, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Racing at the World Championships 2016 Ivanpah, Nevada USA.

Blokart World Championships at Ivanpah Dry Lake. All productions divisions racing together.
Video filmed by Michael Denton, Canterbury, New Zealand. World Champion Production Heavy Weight.

Alex Morris from Canterbury NZ racing at the World and North American Champs at Ivanpah Dry Lake, USA 2016.

Performance Middleweight: 1st World Champs, 2nd North American Champs.

2016 Blokart Worlds, Ivanpah Dry Lake

At the World Blokart Championships 2016 and after an unprecedented amount of rain on Ivanpah Dry Lake it was no longer dry. After waiting a number of days a mission was launched to recover the karts from the not so dry lake of Ivanpah to get the sailing underway again.
Video filmed by Michael Denton, Canterbury, New Zealand.

North American Championships 2016

Blokart North American Championships 2016 racing on the Dry Lake Ivanpah. High winds, close racing and the blokart grin.
In preparation of Blokart World Championships 2016.
Video filmed by Michael Denton, Canterbury New Zealand, World & North American Champion Production Heavy Weight.

Blokart North American Championships Production Racing at Ivanpah Las Vegas.
Close high speed racing on Ivanpahs Dry Lake.
Pre Blokart World Championships 2016 practice.

Actions and Rewards at the Blokart North American Championships 2016 on Ivanpah Dry Lake, Las Vegas.
Fast Sailing, Big Distances and a Great Social Time.

Moeraki Beach Racing 2016

Canterbury Blokart Club Beach Racing just south of Moeraki. Fantastic racing with the surging tides.

Enjoying the smooth grey sands with a beach run on Moeraki Boulder Beach. Michael Denton and Bob Jelley have the beach to them selves.

Club Racing at Wigram 2015

In a Blasting Norwest its a fast start from last to 2nd in 55 seconds.