CBC, NZBAI & IBRA – what’s in a name?

The Canterbury Blokart Club (CBC) was formed in 2004 and is a registered incorporated society.  You can view CBC registration details here – search by no. 2538276.  It is one of eight blokart sailing clubs in New Zealand.  Check out the other seven New Zealand clubs here. A copy of the CBC constitution is available here. The CBC is affiliated to the New Zealand Blokart Association Inc. (NZBAI).  Members of the CBC pay an annual subscription to the NZBAI.


The NZBAI was formed in 2003 to promote and develop the sport of blokart sailing in New Zealand.  The NZBAI actively encourages affiliated clubs by:

  • Running regional, national and international events, and masters games events
  • Providing opportunities for members to socialise together
  • Interacting with other blokart clubs on a regular basis
  • Helping members participate successfully at events
  • Bringing people together to form clubs
  • Providing resources to clubs e.g. constitutions, race notices, rules
  • Liaising with the International blokart Racing Committee (IBRA)

NZBAI carries an insurance policy which is extended to all affiliated NZ clubs and provides cover for all official events organised by the clubs.  The NZBAI is run by volunteers elected onto the committee at the annual AGM, held in August.  A list of current committee members is available on the here.  The NZBAI is a registered incorporated society, no. 1246824. You can view NZBAI registration details here.  A copy of  the NZBAI constitution is available here.  The NZBAI is a founding member of the International blokart Racing Association (IBRA) and is a Member Association of IBRA.


IBRA has six founding members;  New Zealand Blokart Association Inc. (NZBAI), Blokart International Ltd. (BIL), Australian blokart Association (ABA), North American blokart Sailing Association (NABSA), Japan blokart Association (JBA), and European blokart Association (EBA).  IBRA’s objectives include encouraging and facilitating world-class blokart racing events using internationally agreed rules, and maintaining a set of international equipment and sailing rules. IBRA racing rules can be read here.  NZ uses a modified version of the IBRA sailing rules (the NZBAI rules) at all events including club sailing days. More information on the IBRA will be available here soon.