Inaugural “Brass Monkey”; A new event on this Sunday 25th June. Should be lots of fun so keep the day clear. Weather and wind is looking good.

Event Rules

      1. The Brass Monkey Event shall comprise three races as follows:
        1. Race 1 – 20 minutes – 1-30pm
        2. Race 2 – 40 minutes – 2-15 pm
        3. Race 3 – 20 minutes – 3-15pm
        4. After Race 2 break for BBQ bangers n’ bread reviver
        5. After Race 3, trophy presentation, pack up and head to Harvard Bar to warm up and rehydrate.
      2. All entrants must wear a pair of beach shorts, budgie smugglers, bikini or similar. Further dressing up is encouraged. Note that OSH regulations require that thermals etc are allowed under swimming attire.


    1. Two minute dial up
    2. During each race, all entrants must pull into the ‘pit’ area over the start finish line and complete a switch of rear tyres (L – R) prior to getting back on the track (tyres will be marked and checked).  Such switches are to be completed at least after the first lap and five minutes prior to the race completion.  Failure to complete this task will result in a two lap penalty.
    3. Brass Monkey winner for both classes is the one that covers the greatest distance in the allotted times over all races.
    4. Prizes will also be provided to the winners of each race in each class, plus other novelty prizes, including best dress.